Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beta Version of the MCL Released

Here is the Beta Version of the Monte Carlo Localization project that I have been working on. You can find all of the source code in the table at the end of this post. Here is an example of the output one gets. Further testing is needed in more complicated maps. If you should find any bugs, I will sincerely appreciate it if you report any bugs to

NXT Program
This is the program that should be uploaded onto the brick

Ordinary Java Classes
Run this class to initiate the GUI
This class is reponsible for putting the main window on the screen.
Responsible for maintaining communication between the PC and the NXT
Defines the command panel portion of the GUI.
Defines the connection panel portion of the GUI.
Defines the display panel portion of the GUI.
Handles all action events fired by the GUI's panels.
Defines a Gaussian function used in particle weighting.
Defines a line, used for boundaries in the map.
Defines the routines used in the Monte Carlo Localization
Defines a point as used in the map, lines, and poses.
Defines a pose as used in the particle set
Defines the statistics panel of the GUI.


esmetaman said...

Hi Allan,

I really like the project.
Nice Work!

Besides in NXJ side, I like the way to process the commands.

Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral

Tim said...

just what I was looking for! I am just getting into localisation and mapping after starting to learn lejos last October. Can't make any comments yet though, since I've just found you...

Tate said...

You should also compile the classes into two JAR files, one for the NXT, and one for the computer...

Tim said...